Hello, I'm here to help you craft killer content

Producing results for you is my top priority. I accomplish this goal by optimizing your web content for search engines while drawing upon the principles of buyer psychology to increase your conversion rates.

I started off my writing career helping author in-depth whitepapers for IBM and then a boutique Management Consulting firm in Canada. Looking for a change, I jumped into the world of freelancing and have spent the past two years working for ContentFly as their lead copywriter. I handle their tier 1 clients and help edit submissions from their broader content writer network.

Every project you assign to me receives special attention in the following areas:

  • On-Page SEO and Metadata (Moz SEO)
  • Sensitivity Toward Industry Publication Laws
  • Readability for Target Audience
  • Professionally edited and 100% original
  • Free stock images, if needed

  • I am not intimidated by a lengthy content brief, either ;) I am simply here to help out and contribute meaningfully to your marketing objectives.